Property Registration

Property Registration



Registration of Property Document involves the recording of a duly executed document in the Registrar Office for the purpose of preserving the copies of the original documents executed between the parties relating to the transfer of a property. The documents are required to be compulsorily registered under Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. This is done so as to ensure the conservation of evidence, assurance of title, publicity of documents & prevention of property related disputes and frauds. Every document, which is compulsorily registerable, should be presented for registration before the concerned sub registrar having jurisdiction over the area in which the property is situated by the concerned person himself/herself, or the representative or the agent of such a person duly authorized vide a Power of Attorney along with 2 witness and appropriate registration fee. The payment of proper Stamp duty on instruments confers legality to them. Such instruments get evidentiary value & are admissible in the Court of Law as evidence.


Property Registration ensures the transfer of ownership rights to the person in whose name the property is registered. All kinds of property related documents are registered in Pune in the Sub Registrar offices.


We provide services for the Drafting and Registration of various Property Related Documents in all the Sub-Registrar Offices and other concern Govt. Departments in Pune & PCMC such as:


    Sale Deed

    Lease Agreement / Rent Deed

    Leave and License Agreement

    Agreement to Sell

    Transfer of Lease

    Power of Attorney

    Gift Deed

    Conveyance Deed

    Assignment of Lease

    Mortgage Deed

    Shop Act License

    Partnership Deed

    Trust Deed


    Adoption Deed

    Will and Codicil

    Relinquishment Deed

    Partition Deed

    Family Settlement Deed

    Release Deed

    Disclaimer Deed

    Rectification Deed

    Certified Copies of Documents

    Other Legal Documents

    Revocation / Cancellation of GPA / SPA, Will

    Currently, there are 28 Sub-Registrar Offices in Pune, where the above mentioned documents are required to be registered. We provide services for the registration of the Documents across all the Sub-Registrar Offices in Pune.

    In addition, we also provide the following services:


    Conversion of Property from Agricultural to Non Agricultural in Pune

    Registration of Trusts and Societies.

    Representation on behalf of the Vendor/Vendee in a property sale/purchase 

    Taking care of all the legal aspects in a Property Sale/Purchase Transaction.

    Obtaining Certified Copies of Documents

    Property Due Diligence

    Title Search Reports / Non-Encumbrance Certificate

    Attestation of Documents from Notary etc.

    Rent/Lease/Sale/Purchase Property



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