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We offer specialized Legal and Property Related Services to Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Citizens of India in relation to their immoveable properties located in Pune,Maharashtra, India.

We take care of the special needs of NRI's and know the importance and value of their time. We always strive to get their work done in the least time and in a hassle free manner. Most of the services provided by us, do not even require their presence in India. Our professionals handle the work on their behalf. We  ensure that our clients are guided correctly and are not harassed by the government officials.

We have been regularly handling the work of many NRI and OCI clients from United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE etc.


We provide the following services to our clients :-

Registration of the following Legal Documents at Sub Registrar Office.


  • Sale Deed

  • Lease Agreement / Rent Deed

  • Leave and License Agreement

  • Agreement to Sell

  • Power of Attorney

  • Gift Deed

  • Conveyance Deed

  • Assignment of Lease

  • Transfer of Lease

  • Collaboration/Builder Agreement

  • Mortgage Deed

  • Partnership Deed

  • Trust Deed

  • Adoption Deed

  • Will and Codicil

  • Relinquishment Deed

  • Partition Deed

  • Family Settlement Deed

  • Release Deed

  • Disclaimer Deed

  • Rectification Deed

  • Non Disclosure Agreements

  • Certified Copies of Documents

  • Other Legal Documents


    Currently, there are 27 Sub-Registrar Offices in Pune, where the above mentioned documents are required to be registered. We have arrangements for the registration of the Documents across all the Sub-Registrar Offices in Pune.

    In addition, we also provide the following services:


    • Stamping, Registration of Power of Attorney executed abroad notarised by a Notary Public outside India for the registration of any deed or document in the Sub Registrar Office in Pune

    • Conversion of Property from Agricultural to Non Agricultural in Pune, in just one visit to India.
    • Mutation/Substitution of Name of the owner in the records of, without requiring your presence in India.
    • Registration of Trusts and Societies.
    • Ancestral real estate & inheritance advisory
    • Family Settlements & Partition Deed
    • Attestation of documents
    • Registration of Trademarks, Copyrights etc.
    • Representation on behalf of the Vendor/Vendee in a property sale/purchase transaction.
    • Taking care of all the legal aspects in a Property Sale/Purchase Transaction.
    • Obtaining Certified Copies of Documents
    • Property Due Diligence
    • Title Search Reports / Non-Encumbrance Certificate


         Some Important Points


    • NRIs and PIOs may acquire any immovable property for residential/commercial purposes in India, other than agricultural/plantation/farm house, without the permission of Reserve Bank of India.

    • No declaration is required to be made to the RBI. Only information regarding details of the property and costs incurred should be given to the RBI. This will help at the time of repatriation.

    • No permission from the RBI is required to transfer any immovable property other than the agricultural land or plantation property or a farm house in India by way of sale to a person resident in India.

    • The lock-in period of 3 years has been done away with.

    • If property has been acquired through NRE account then repatriation is allowed only for 2 residential properties.

    • NRI/PIO is permitted to transfer by way of mortgage his residential commercial property in India to an authorized dealer/housing finance institution in India.

    • NRI/PIO can avail housing loan in rupees from an authorized dealer or housing finance institution in India approved by the National Housing Finance Bank for purchase of residential accommodation or for the purpose of repairs/renovation/improvement of residential accommodation, subject to certain terms and conditions.

    • Sale proceeds of residential/commercial property received by way of gift by NRI/PIO can only be credited to NRO account.

    • Sale proceeds of any immovable property in India inherited, by a person resident outside India (i.e. NRI or PIO or foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India), from a person resident outside India cannot be repatriated by him or his successor without prior permission of the RBI.

    • NRI/PIO can rent out the residential/commercial property purchased out of foreign exchange/rupee funds.

    • The purchase consideration should be met either out of inward remittances in foreign exchange through normal banking channels or out of funds from NRE/FCNR accounts maintained with banks in India.

    • The non-resident Indians who are staying abroad may enter into an agreement through their relatives and/or by executing the Power of Attorney in their favour as it is not possible for them to be present for completing the formalities of purchase (negotiating with the builder or Developer, drafting and signing of agreements, taking possession, etc.) These formalities can be completed through some known person who can be given the Power of Attorney for this purpose. Power of Attorney should be executed on the stamp paper before the proper authorities in foreign countries. Power of Attorney cannot be drafted on the stamp paper bought in India.

    • Residential property can be given on rent if not required for immediate residential use. Rental income cannot be remitted abroad and will have to be credited to the ordinary non-resident rupee account of the owner of the property.

                                                                          Tax Rules


    • No tax has to be paid while purchasing property.

    • Certain taxes have to be paid when selling property. If NRI/PIO has held property for less than 3 years then he would have to pay 30% tax. If property has been held for more than 3 years, then tax payable is 20%. Tax is payable on rental income too.

    • At the time of renting out property or repatriation, PAN card is required.



    Legal Services to Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Citizens of India in relation to their immoveable properties located in Pune & PCMC


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