The "Leave and License", which is an easement right and is defined and governed u/s 52 of the Indian Easements Act,1882. A 'Leave & License' ensures that there is no transfer of interest from the Licensor to the Licensee. It is License to occupy and use the premises in the mentioned duration on mutually agreed terms


This arrangement is popular since it creates no lasting legal rights in favour of the licensee. Compared to a lease agreement a leave and license agreement has limited authority with regards to the property.


This notice period will be stated in the contract and is usually agreed upon by both parties. Lease agreements give greater rights to tenants, which property owners aren’t comfortable with. Firstly, it gives tenants the right to occupy the property rented for a longer duration.


A license, however, gives the tenant the right to merely use the property for a limited time only, thereby ensuring regular renewal of the terms. This regular renewal protects the interest of the property owner, which a lease does not do.


Lease agreements potentially encourage tenants to permanently occupy the premises, giving them an interest in the property. Under such circumstances it can be difficult for the landlord to evict the tenant.


Different states have their own laws that govern lease agreements, such as Delhi Rent Act 1995, the Maharashtra Rent Act 1999 and Tamil Nadu buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act 1960.


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chhajupur, chhak chhak, chhakoh, chhakta, chhaktala, chhal, chhala, chhalala, chhalesar, chhali, chhaliar, chhalle, chhalor, chham, chhama, chhamichha, chhamna, chhamouza, chhamunda, chhamundia, chhamundiapalli, chhan, chhana chhana, chhanagiri, chhanapur, chhanbhoi, chhanchanbahali, chhanchava, chhandar, chhandaut, chhandel chhandran, chhanehara chhanga chhanga, chhangapur, chhani chhani, chhaniar, chhanijanga, chhanip, chhanipur, chhaniyana, chhanni, chhanoiya, chhanta, chhanua, chhaon, chhaoni chhap, chhapa, chhapaki chhapana, chhapang, chhapanwali, chhapar chhapar, chhapara, chhaparbhanpuri, chhaparhat, chhapari, chhapariya, chhapariyali, chhapartala, chhaparwad, chhapauli, chhapawa chhapchhaul, chhapi, chhapia chhapia, chhapiheda, chhapkahia, chhapki, chhaplian, chhapmathia, chhapna, chhapol, chhapoli, chhapora, chhappar, chhapra chhapra, chhapraula, chhaprauli chhaprauli, chhaprel, chhapri chhapri, chhaproh, chhapti, chhara, chharabra, chharad, chharahata, chharba, chharch, chharda, chhardahi, chhardera, chhareta chhari, chhariari chharihara, chhariyari, chharoda, chharodi, chharol, chharra, chharrah, chharrapatti, chharratangar, chharsa, chhartarpur, chharwada, chhasara, chhasiana, chhasiya, chhat chhat, chhata chhata, chhatabar, chhatadiya, chhatahan, chhatahandi, chhatahra, chhatai chhatai, chhatamakhana, chhatamura, chhatan, chhatapipal, chhatar, chhatara, chhatararh, chhatarkanali, chhatarla, chhatarpur chhatarpur, chhatary, chhataud, chhatauna, chhatauni, chhatbarachauki, chhatena, chhatenpali, chhater chhatera, chhatgulla, chhathiarda, chhati chhati, chhatia chhatia, chhatiana, chhatiara, chhatihar, chhatikara, chhatina chhatina, chhatinasole, chhatiouna, chhatipur, chhatisdebil, chhatiyana, chhatna, chhatnag, chhatnawar, chhatneshwar, chhatoa, chhatoli chhatorkole, chhatra chhatra, chhatraganj, chhatral, chhatrala, chhatrali, chhatrampur, chhatranga, chhatrapada, chhatrapara, chhatrapati, chhatrapur, chhatrari, chhatrasa, chhatrava, chhatrel, 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chhilhiyamar, chhilipa, chhilolar, chhilori, chhilpa, chhimak, chhina chhina, chhinam, chhinari, chhinch, chhind, chhinda, chhindai chhindbarri, chhindbhog, chhinddand, chhindgarh, chhindi chhindia, chhindkheda, chhindnar, chhindwad, chhindwara chhindwara, chhingchhip, chhiniwal chhinka, chhinkaura, chhinod, chhinparai, chhipa chhipadohar, chhipaner, chhipanya chhipatti, chhipawad, chhipdi, chhipi chhipial, chhipphir, chhipwad, chhirari, chhirhai, chhiri, chhiriya chhirka, chhirkheda, chhirpani, chhirudi chhirwa, chhirwaha, chhitahi chhitahi, chhitani chhitanpur, chhitapar, chhitar, chhitarpara, chhitauli, chhitauna, chhitauni, chhitaunia, chhitbaralaukuthi, chhitepatti, chhitgaonmoji, chhitipur, chhitka, chhitkadaspara, chhitoda, chhitoli, chhitpalgarh, chhitra, chhitrauli, chhitraulia, chhitraur, chhitri, chhittepur, chhiyal, chhochi, chhodamines, chhodavadi, chhogala, chhoghra, chhogtali, chhohar, chhoi, chhokarwada, chhokla, chhokran, chhola chholas, chholukhan, chhonda, chhonk, 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chichli, chichod, chichola, chicholatolagaon, chicholi chicholi, chichondi chichondi, chichorba, chichozar, chichpalli, chichpur chichra, chichrikanungo, chick chickalgaon, chickalparvi, chickanthapura, chickballapur chickbellary, chickbenkal, chickbudur, chickdankankal, chickhandigol, chickhesarur, chickjajur, chickjanthkal, chickkabommanhal, chickkotnakal, chickmendinhal, chickmudnoor, chickmyageri, chicknargund, chickpet, chicksugur, chickwaddatti, chidambar chidambaram chidambaranagar, chidambarapatti, chidambarapuram, chidambaraviduthi, chidawad, chiddo, chidimi, chidipi, chidiya, chidlavania, chidri, chidruppa, chidumuru, chiduravalli, chiechama, chiephobozou, chigali, chigalli, chigaralapalli, chigaramaganapalli, chigatere, chigicherla, chiglauwa, chigri, chigurukota, chigurumamidi, chigurupadu, chiguruvada, chiguruvalasa, chiheru, chihutia, chijgam, chijhama, chik chika, chikahattiholi, chikahra, chikala, chikalakhandi, chikali, chikalpadar, chikalthan, chikalthana chikalthana, chikalwal, chikamannur, chikamberpur, chikambo, chikana, chikandih, chikangaon, chikani, chikania, chikaniya, chikanpara, chikanwas, chikar, chikarada, chikarajan, chikarkalgud, chikasar, chikase, chikasi, chikatgaon, chikati chikatia, chikatimamadi, chikatimamidi, chikatmati, chikavolu, chikbagewadi, chikda, chiken, chikenkoppa, chikhal chikhala, chikhalbeed chikhalda, chikhaldara, chikhale, chikhalewadi, chikhalgaon, chikhalhol, chikhali chikhali, chikhalikalan chikhaliya, chikhalmau, chikhalohal, chikhalpati, chikhalthan, chikhalvav, chikhalwardha, chikharde, chikhla chikhla, chikhlakasa, chikhlap, chikhli chikhli, chikhlinani, chikhlod, chikhlodra, chikhodara, chikhodlur, chikhodra, chikili, chikilintha, chikilli, chikima, chikirevulapalli, chikiti, chikitipentho, chikitsalaya, chikjambur, chikjogihalli, chikka chikkaballekere, chikkaballi, chikkabanagere, chikkabanavara, chikkabasur, chikkabbar, chikkabeechanahalli, chikkabennur, chikkabidare, chikkabidarkal, chikkabyaladakere, 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gknagar, gkothagudem, gkothapalli, gkottala, gl glaxmipur, glenmary, glenmorgan, glenvans, glf gloora, glpuram, gm gm, gmamidada, gmarandahalli, gmbathna, gmoolapalem, gmrnagar, gn gnagadahani, gnahalpur, gnanambika gnanaolivupuram, gnanapuram, gnanipalayam, gnaramvilai, gndtp gndu, gne gnparshurampur, gnqc gnuagam, go goa goa, goaberia, goagaon, goalara, goalbathan, goalchapori, goaldah, goaldaha, goalgaon goalgaon, goalgoan, goalin, goaljan, goalkhor, goalmal, goalpara, goalpokher, goaltore, goan, goanara goanbowinpalli, goanguda, goar goara, goari, goas, goasi, goasol, gobabasta, gobadda, gobapal, gobara, gobarahia gobarara, gobarbeda, gobarbheti, gobarda, gobardanga gobardanga, gobarde, gobardhan gobardhan, gobardhana, gobardhanbati, gobardhandanga, gobardhanpara, gobardhanpur, gobarghati, gobarghusi, gobari, gobarsingha, gobarsitha, gobarwahi, gobbur, gobburu, gobhani, gobhia gobhyam, gobi, gobichettipalayam gobichettipalayam, gobichettipalayamuth, gobila, gobind gobind, gobinda 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nmoolakuppam, nmpalika, nn nnarsapuram, nnkandrika, no no1 no1, no11, no2 no2, no3 no3, no4, noa, noaapara, noabad, noabadi, noaborar noadih, noagang, noagaon noagaon, noagoan, noamundi noamundi, noan, noaon, noapara noapara, noawan, nobar, noblenagar, nochalur, nochat, nochiam, nochikulam, nochikuttai, nochili, nochilirajukandriga, nochimedu, nochipalayam, nochipatti, nochulli, nochupulli, noda, nodakhali, nodal node node, nodhana, nodhna, nodinalla, nogagaon, nogama, noganur, nogaom, nogaon, nogaova, nogawan, nogli, nogora nogorpara, nograjole, nohali, nohanda, nohar nohar, noharda, nohari, noharia, nohata, nohra, nohsa, noida noida, noii, nojal, nojjal, nokari, nokewada, nokh, nokha nokha, nokhachandawatan, nokhada, nokhara, nokhna, nokhra nokhu, noklak, noksen, nokya, nolambur, nole, noli, noma, nomain, nomula, nomunia, nonabur, nonachandanpukur, nonadanga, nonakundu, nonakuribazar, nonapar, nonapur, nonar, nonara, nonari, nonaud, nonavinakere, nonbirra, nondha, none, nonea, noner, 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theravur, therekalpudur, thergaon, theri, theriala, therikudiyiruppu, theripanai, therka, therkankulam, therkilamur, therkkuilandaikulam, therku therkupappankulam, therkupatti, therkusethi, therkusilukkanpatti, therkutharavai, therkutheru, therkuvenganallur, therkuvirapandiapuram, therla, therlam, therlamaddi, thermal thermal, therola, therpal, therpatti, thersahidan, therthally, theru, therubali, theruvukadai, thervada, thervoy, thethaitangar, thethakudi thethakudivadakkusethi, thethar thethar, thethukadu, thethur, thethurai, thethuvasalpatti, thettamala, thettigiripatti, thettu, thettupalle, thettupatti, theur, thevaiyur, thevalakkara, thevalappuram, thevally, thevannur, thevara, thevaram, thevopesumi, thevur theyyappara, theyyathumpadam, thiaganur, thiagarajar thiagesaralai, thiak, thiakria, thial, thiashoa, thiba, thibgaon, thichka, thichur, thickanamcode, thickurichy, thidakottai, thidanad, thidumal, thigharia, thikaha thikalna, thikarda, thikari, thikaria, thikariya thikariya, thikarwas, thikpurli, thikria, thikriwala, thikriya, thiksay, thilkulia, thill, thillai thillainagar, thillaipuram, thillaisthanam, thillaividangan, thillaivilagam, thillaivilagamuth, thillaiyambur, thillenkeri, thilod, thiloo, thilori, thiltlang, thimamsamudram, thimirichepparapadava, thimmaipalli, thimmajikandriga, thimmajipet, thimmakapalli, thimmalanayakanabetta, thimmalapura, thimmampalli, thimmampet, thimmampeta, thimmana thimmanagar, thimmanahalli, thimmanaickenpatti, thimmanallur, thimmanamuthur, thimmanatham, thimmanayakanakote, thimmanayanipeta, thimmandoddi, thimmankothu, thimmanur, thimmaparam, thimmappaiahnahally, thimmappanaickenpalayam, thimmapur, thimmapuram, thimmarajampettai, thimmarajapuraam, thimmarajukandriga, thimmarajupalle, thimmarajupeta, thimmarasanayakanur, thimmaravathanahalli, thimmarayanahalli, thimmarayanpahad, thimmareddipuram, thimmareddypalli, thimmasamudram, thimmasandra, thimmavaram, thimmayapalem, thimmayyagaripalli, thimminaidupalem, thimoli, thinagaloo, thinaikulam, thinaiyathur, thincholi, thinda, thindal, thindamangalam, thingalkarikom, thingalur, thingba thingbu, thingdawl, thingdawlmelriat, thingel, thingfal, thingkai thinglian, thingling, thingom thingra, thingsai, thingsat, thingsulthliah, thingthelh, thinkew, thinnakonam, thinnanur, thinnanurnadu, thinnappatti, thinniam, thinsa, thinungei, thinur, thipdampally, thippaiahnadurga, thippampalayam, thippampatti, thippanapalli, thippannapet, thippanuru, thippapur, thippapura, thippareddyhally, thippareddypalli, thipparthi, thippasandra, thippavarappadu, thippayapalem, thippayyapalli, thippedoddi, thippegondanahalli, thippenahalli, thippepalle, thippilissery, thippireddigarialle, thippireddihalli, thippireddipalle, thippireddypalle, thippur, thipuzumi, thiraj, thirana, thirani, thiraniganj, thiresapur, thirgallapalli, thiria thirmalapur, thirmalapuram, thirod, thirot, thirpak, thirpali thirth, thirthahalli thirthahalli, thirthamathur, thirthapura, thirubuvanai, thiruganahalli, thirumalabhagom, thirumaladevarapalli, thirumalaicheryy, thirumalaigoundenpalayam, thirumalaipalli, thirumalapur, thirumalapura, thirumalapuram, thirumalayampalayam, thirumalayapalli, thirumallayapalle, thirumangalam, thirumani thirumanthurai, thirumanyam thirumarady, thirumarayoor, thirumazhapadi, thirumeni, thirumittakode, thirumoolapuram, thirumukkudal, thirumullavaram, thirumur, thirumurthi thirumuruganpoondi, thirumushi, thirunakkara, thirunallur, thirunarayanapuram, thirunayanapuram, thirunellur, thirupalavanam, thiruparankundram, thiruparkadal, thirupathisaram, thiruppanthuruthi, thiruppudaimarudur, thiruppulinadu, thiruppullani, thiruppunavasal, thiruthalaiyur, thiruthiyad, thiruthuvapuram, thiruvaiyaru thiruvaiyaru, thiruvalampozhil, thiruvalandurai, thiruvalathur, thiruvalavayanallur, thiruvaliad, thiruvallom, thiruvallur, thiruvalluvar thiruvamathur, thiruvambady thiruvamkulam, thiruvampady thiruvampattu, thiruvananthapuram thiruvananthapuram, 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tholai, tholambra, tholampalayam, tholapalli, tholapi, tholar, tholasampatti, tholayavattai, tholicode, tholisapuram, thollaganganapalle, thollamadugu, thollapalli, tholpetty, tholur tholurpatti, tholuvanthangal, tholuvur, thomas thomase, thomaspuram, thombakulam, thombikandam, thommankuthu, thommidirekula, thona, thonackad, thonam, thonda, thondaimanendal, thondalu, thondamanadu, thondamanallur, thondamanatham, thondamandurai, thondamanginam, thondamuthur, thondangi, thondankulangara, thondanthualsi, thondapadi, thondapadu, thondavada, thondavadi, thondebhavi thondebhavi, thondernadu, thondiganahalli, thondiyil, thondrangi, thonge, thonglang, thongumalai, thonguttipalayam, thonigandla, thonimalai, thonithurai, thonnakkal, thonniamala, thonnurkkara, thonokhunyu, thons, thonthilingapuram, thoodukurthy, thookkanambakkam, thoomli thoon, thoonugudi, thoopul, thoor thoor, thoorpugudem, thoorpupalem, thoorpupundla, thootakalingannapeta, thootha, thopal, thope, thopia, thoppalakarai, thoppampalayam, thoppampatti, thoppanahalli, thoppanaickenpatti, thoppapatti, thoppipala, thoppumpady, thoppupalayam, thoppur, thoppuvalam, thopramkduy, thopudurthi, thora, thoradevandahalli, thoradi, thoradipattu, thoraihatty, thorala, thoralakki, thoramangalam, thoranakkalpatti, thoranavavi, thorapadi, thorapalli thorapalli, thorath, thoravalur, thoravi, thorchom, thordi, thore, thorebekuppe, thoremavinahalli, thorenur, thorgavan, thori thoriyali, thoriyari, thornampathy, thorniwar, thorthia, thorur, thorwa, thosahalli, thoseghar, thot, thota, thotada, thotadur, thotakanuma, thotakurapalem, thotaluru, thotambedu, thotapalem, thotapalli thotapalli, thotapalliguduru, thotapally, thotaravulapadu, thotathady, thotavada, thotavaripalem, thotavenganapalem, thothian, thotlacheruvupalli, thotlavalluru, thotli, thottabhagom, thottackad thottada, thottakadu, thottakkad, thottakkara, thottakkattukara, thottakom, thottakudi, thottalam, thottam, thottanampatti, thottanuthu, thottapadi, thottappally, thottiam, thottiankulam, thottiapalayam, thottiapatti, thottilangadi, thottipalayam, thottippal, thottithuraimottur, thottivalasu, thottiyam, thottumugham, thottumughom, thottumukkam, thottuvathala, thoubal thoubal, thoura, thovalai, thovarayar, thovari thowana, thoyana, thozhipatti, thozhiyur, thozhupadam, thozhupedu, thozhur, three threeke, thrickodithanam, thrikallur, thrikkakara, thrikkalathoor, thrikkariyoor, thrikkunnapuzha, thrikothamangalam, thripperunthura, thrippilazhikom, thrissileri, thrissur thrissur, thriuvellavoyal, thrizino, throvagunta, thua, thualthu, thuampui, thuamul thuapadar, thub, thubon, thuckalay thuckanaickenpalayam, thudanganad, thudayannur, thudicherla, thudumaladinne, thugaon thugaon, thugundram, thuha, thuhi, thuhili, thuilahalli, thuilon, thuina, thuiyan, thukivakam, thukkachi, thukkapettai, thukkiampalayam, thukrai, thukrana, thulai, thulajapattinam, thulappally, thular, thulasapuram, thulayanatham, thulayanur, thulendi, thuleta, thulewal, thuliwal, thullukuttinayakanur, thulrai, thulukkamuthur, thulukkapatti thulukkapatti, thulukkarpatti, thulwasa, thumaya, thumba thumba, thumbadi, thumbaipatti, thumbakkadu, thumbakuppam, thumbal, thumbala, thumbalam, thumbalapatti, thumbali, thumbalpatti, thumbasoge, thumbe, thumber, thumberi, thumbha, thumbipadi, thumbivadi, thumbode, thumbur, thumdi, thumenapalli, thumha, thumjepalli, thumkhonglok, thumkunta, thumma, thummachetlapalli, thummagundu, thummagunta, thummala thummala, thummalacheruvu, thummalagundu, thummalagunta, thummalakunta, thummalakuntapalli, thummalapalle, thummalapalli, thummalapatti, thummalapenta, thummalguda, thummalur, thummanamgutta, thummanapalli, thummanatti, thummankurichi, thummanpet, thummapala, thummedalapadu, thumminala, thumminda, thummlapally, thummur, thummusinnampatti, thumnerale, thumpada, thumpamon thumpamon, thumpoly, thumucherla, thumukunta thumukunta, thunag, thunda, thundathil, thune, thuneri, thungamadugula, thungapahad, thungareddiapatti, thungathurthi, thungathurthy, thungavi, thungodu, thungur, thuni thuni, thunkirjhar, thunni thuppadakona, thuppadamadu, thuppakudi, thuppuganapalli, thuppur, thupsara, thuraiperumbakkam, thurakkal, thural, thurambadi, thuran, thurana, thuravoor, thuravooruth, thuravumkara, thurawad, thurbo, thuria, thurimella, thurinjipatti, thurlapalle, thurpu thurpuboyamadugula, thuru, thuruburai, thurukalapatnam, thurumamidi, thurupu thurupuchavatapalem, thurupuchennampalli, thurupupalem, thurupupalle, thurupurompi thuruthi, thuruthicaud, thuruthikara, thuruthippuram, thuruthiyad, thuruthy, thuruvikkal, thurwaliya, thusur, thutanbori, thutha, thuthi, thuthibari, thuthikadu, thuthikulam, thuthinatham, thuthipalayam, thuthipattu, thuthukudi, thuthur, thuthurmattam, thuti, thutrallapalli, thuvakkode, thuvakudi, thuvakudimalai, thuvakunnu, thuvaralankanmoi, thuvarankurichi, thuvarapallam, thuvariman, thuvayuruth, thuvvapalle, thuwavi, thuyyampundurai, thyagadakatte, thyagapuram, thyagarajnagar, thyagatur, thyagli, thyavana, thyavanahalli, thyavanige, thycattussery, thycaud, thygarayanagar thygarayanagaruth thyllaw, thyloor, thynroit, ti, tia, tiaba, tiadaha, tiadisahi, tiamari, tiambal, tiangia, tiara, tib, tibabasai, tibba tibba, tibber, tibbi tibbi, tibetan tibna, tibra, tibri, tidani, tidayapatti, tiddimi, tide, tidel tidgundi, tidi, tidiasar, tidigol, tidiyan, tidiyapur, tidiyur, tidka, tidyasar, tiehnongbah, tiet, tigadi, tigadolli, tigaei, tigal, tiganibidari, tigaon, tigaria, tigariya tiger tighara, tigharakhairwa, tighra, tighrakala, tigiria, tigji, tigoda, tigra, tigrana, tigree, tigri, tigria, tigriya tigza, tiha tihai, tihar tihar, tihara, tihari, tihawali, tihay, tihi, tihidi, tihiri, tihiya, tihki, tiholi, tihra, tihri, tihu, tiitmari, tika tikabali, tikadeori, tikahill, tikait tikaita, tikaitganj, tikamau, tikamgarh tikampar, tikaniamau, tikanpal, tikanpur, tikapatti, tikar tikar, tikara, tikarabaju, tikarampur, tikarapada, tikarburunga, tikargadi, tikari 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